Dr. Harman Khosa

 Dr Harmandeep Khosa

Dr. Dr. Harman Khosa | Family Physician

Dr. Khosa went to the University of British Columbia for undergraduate studies and then attended medical school in the Caribbean. He did his clinical training at different hospitals in America and his residency in Kansas City, Missouri. His training included comprehensive care from newborns to adults to geriatrics including prenatal care. In addition to managing complex care and chronic health conditions, he also completed an Integrative Medicine track and is open to patients who seek alternative therapies. He graduated amongst the top of his class and was awarded the “Resident Teacher of the Year Award”.

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Why Choose Spring?

Our family physician is committed to providing you with the best care possible. A great advantage of choosing Spring for integrative medical services is that you and your physician can work closely with other health practitioners at Spring to streamline your healing process as a result of:

  • Quicker access
  • More effective communication, and
  • One-to-one treatments that emphasizes on quality of care and not the volume of patients; by avoiding rushed treatments.