Salad In A Jar: The Weekly Lunch Prep

Salad In A Jar: The Weekly Lunch Prep

Salad In A Jar: The Weekly Lunch Prep

Eating healthy is often tied with the notion that it will take much more time and much more money to make it happen.  I believe it to be false in so many ways.  It sure is true that some healthy things are more expensive but one day of unpreparedness and a quick stop over to the food court and the numbers are all the same if not worse for the junk eating.

One of my first posted recipes is not a specific recipe but a concept that has revolutionized my “lunch”.  Having a salad for lunch is not a novel concept for me.  I’m always counting my vegetable intake and I know counting on 4-5 servings at lunch is sure way to make me successful on most days.  I like to think of it as my phytonutrient prescription.

Prior to this revolutionary concept I came across on a blog I’d quickly throw things together in the morning.  The salad wasn’t always fancy that’s for sure.

I was introduced to the salad in a jar concept and I have been sold ever since.  How would you like to prep your lunches for the week in not much more time it took you to prepare one?  How would you like to have the time to make it a tad bit fancier and tastier? All these benefits while saving money along the way?  The good old mason jar is the answer.  I’d recommend a large neck screw top so it’s easier to get the salad out.  You’ll also need to keep one large salad bowl and fork at work.

Don’t really love salad?

1. Did you know most olive oil and vinegar on the shelf are fraudulent. Olive oil mostly rancid and balsamic vinegar not made of much grape must but rather wine vinegar, molasses and sugars, acidic and gross.  And commercial dressing are usually have a list of 20 ingredients and unhealthy fats?

2. There are so many different types, the key is finding the textures and flavours you like.  You might not like a standard salad but there is probably a few you do like if you experiment and explore.

Keys to a good salad

Step #1 invest in good quality extra virgin olives and balsamic vinegars.

One:  They taste way way better Two: They actually provide health benefits like antioxidants.

Check out you can have the fun of tasting all the oils and vinegars in the store (North Vancouver, BC) or if you are not local they ship Canada-wide.  Another option is to find your local sources at  Olive oil is #1 among the top fraudulent foods.

Step #2 invest in some good quality pieces that will spice up the salad!

How about dried blueberries, cranberries?

How about some raw nuts.  And for a treat some caramelized walnuts?

Step #3

Aim for getting fruits and vegetables that fall under the colours of the rainbow.  The more variety in colour the more diverse the nutrients you are eating

Putting it all together.

  1. Put olive oil and balsamic vinegar at bottom of mason jar.
  2. Then place hard vegetables that do well marinating (peppers, carrots etc.)
  3. Layer with more fragile stuff like green leafy vegetables.
  4. Think of protein sources in order to make you salad more sustaining (pre-cooked chicken, nuts, seeds, legumes)
  5. Close and put in fridge
  6. Bring to work and eat 4-5 servings of veggies yay!

When end up saving so much time because the difference to chop carrots for 1 day vs 7 is negligible!  The barrier you create between the oil & vinegar with the hard vegetables ensures the green leafs stay fresh and crispy for the week!

When you get to work empty your salad in a jar into a larger bowl and toss!  Don’t want salad for lunch?  This concept can be applied for salad at dinner as well!

A salad a day … keeps your waistline at bay.  Research has shown time and time again that looking at someones vegetable intake alone is a protective factor at promoting healthy body composition as well as a whole host of other chronic diseases.



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